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We offer Online Counseling to California Residents as an alternative source of therapy when limitations of time, mobility and location prevail. Our Online Therapy services at Narrative Counseling Center maintain the integrity, confidentiality and ethical standards of all our collaborative, strength-based counseling services. Contact Charley Lang or Lucy Cotter to explore this option.


Charley Lang, MFT
Lic#: MFC34843
(323) 463-4630


Lucy Cotter, MFT
Lic#: MFC46671
(323) 549-5377


Narrative Online Counseling Services

Online Therapy



Los Angeles Online Therapy Disclaimers:

Confidentiality: Our encrypted narrative counseling online platform ensures privacy and HIPPA compliance. It is the client’s responsibility to monitor privacy within their location. All information between the client and the therapist is held in strict confidence. The four exceptions to confidentiality are: 1) suspected child abuse, 2) elder abuse, 3) if a client intends to do harm to her/himself or others, and 4) if the client signs a release authorizing the therapist to speak with a designated individual.

Insurance: Narrative online counseling is sometimes covered by insurance. It is the client’s responsibility to check with their insurance carrier.
Client resources needed: A computer with video capacity, internet access, and a private space.

Age requirements: Clients must be 18 or over.

Payments: Prior to service.

If you have suicidal thoughts, you may need immediate help. Please call the National Suicide Hotline, 1-800-suicide (available 24 hours) from anywhere in the US, or 911.

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