Dan Romeo-White-web-staff
Dan Romeo-White, M.A., is honored to join the Narrative Counseling Center to see individuals, couples, and families. They ground themselves in curiosity and humility while holding space for life’s navigations. It is their belief that through connection and collaboration we can expand the stories we tell ourselves, and those which have been told to us. Dan utilizes a trauma-informed approach, which prioritizes clients’ agency, autonomy, and identity. They hold a master’s in clinical psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles, and have experience in the fields of creative arts; somatic practices; social justice; and the service industry. Dan completed their initial training at Colors LGBTQ+ Youth Counseling Center, working with queer, trans, and gender expansive young adults. Dan is committed to lifelong learning, and to providing support for the impact of living amongst oppressive dominant discourses and systems. Their work is stigma-free, sex-positive, kink-aware, sex-work-aware, poly/ENM affirming, and 2SLGBTQIA+ affirming. Dan works at NCC under the supervision of Lucy Cotter and can be reached at 213-222-6032 or danromeowhite@gmail.com.

Eric Katende, M.A., excitedly joins the team here at Narrative Counseling Center. He is passionate about cultivating a sense of awareness and empowerment for his clients. Eric works from a place of curiosity, sensitivity and care, ready and willing to challenge dominant societal messages which often have oppressive, marginalizing effects on individuals, teens, couples and families. Eric holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. He received his training from the Southern California Counseling Center, where he facilitated groups focused on healing the effects of domestic violence (at both their Watts and Pico locations). He is particularly interested in addressing issues related to sexuality and racial oppression, depression, anxiety and trauma, with an emphasis on social justice, sex positivity, body positivity and thinking outside the box. Eric works at NCC under the supervision of Charley Lang and can be reached at 424-256-5681, or erickatendetherapy@gmail.com.
Ben Kreader
Ben Kreader, M.A., is excited to be part of the Narrative Counseling Center. He is curious about the unique experiences of his clients and focused on helping to generate new meaning and momentum from their stories. He draws on his own background in business and the arts to bring life experience, imagination and creativity to these collaborative conversations. Ben is especially interested in helping his LGBTQIA and creative clients question the expectations placed on them by society to free their more expansive selves. He also helps clients experiencing grief to reconnect with the important parts of the people and stories they’ve lost. He approaches his work from a place of dedication and caring. Ben holds a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles and a bachelor’s degree in film, music, English, and perceptual psychology from Carleton College. He trained at The Center for Professional Counseling in North Hollywood, CA where he specialized in supporting individuals, teens, couples and families to restore their sense of agency. Ben works at NCC under the supervision of Lucy Cotter and can be reached at (323) 379-2350 or benkreader@gmail.com.