Myra Stevenson, M.A., is delighted to join her talented colleagues at the Narrative Counseling Center.  In her practice with individuals, partnerships, families, and groups, Myra is committed to discovering new ways of relating to life’s challenges and engaging freedom from problem stories. Her collaborative style nurtures a safe foundation for creating a life in line with one’s own unique values and preferences. Myra is enthusiastic about welcoming diverse identities and lifestyles that stand outside the dominant culture, and challenging unhelpful beliefs placed upon us by society’s expectations. Her work is informed by her current experience and training at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, as well as her personal interest in the arts, body positivity, gender non-conformity, and alternative lifestyles. Myra works under the supervision of Charley Lang and can be reached at (323) 540-0991.

Barbara Herring, M.A., is thrilled to join the Narrative Counseling Center. She brings a centered awareness to her practice with years of experience working with individuals, couples, and families, including families with special needs. Barbara collaborates with individuals and families to create strong stories for the present and future, while renegotiating the effects of disruptive problems. Her open and direct way of working empowers people to gain more clarity, understand more fully and successfully implement change. Barbara completed her traineeship at Being Alive, an HIV/AIDS service organization, where she worked with clients managing the influence of complex trauma and chemical dependency. She is a graduate of Antioch University, where she earned her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an LGBTQ Affirmative specialization. Experienced at working with all individuals, regardless of where they fall on the gender and sexuality spectrum, Barbara is friendly to alternative relationships and love styles. “B” works under the supervision of Lucy Cotter and can be reached at (424) 291-2562 or

James Moore, M.A., believes that clients are much stronger than the problems that bring them into therapy. He is committed to creating a judgement-free atmosphere that embraces all aspects of a client’s life, and to challenging the cultural messages and unhelpful inner-monologues that hold us back from achieving our greatest potential. James works with a range of client populations (individuals, couples, children) and issues (depression, anxiety, relationship dysfunction), engaging skills he honed through extensive therapeutic training in community mental health and within the Los Angeles City Unified School District. His therapeutic motto is simple: “Life is not about living by society’s rules…but rather creating a world that works for you.” James works under the supervision of Charley Lang and can be reached at 323-364-6065.